Deferral Request

The deferral request is no longer an option beginning in 2024 (except for pregnancy/childbirth). Racers will now use Skip-a-Year

In a 2024 rule change, the race committee eliminated the general race deferral option.
Unlike most trail and mountain races, through 2023 the Mount Marathon Race had a very generous deferral system (unfortunately, some were not redeemed the following year). Because so many spots were being held to the following year, fewer lottery opportunities were available for new racers.
Injuries were the most common reason for deferral. The committee believes injuries are a part of training and racing, and no longer warrant a deferral.
Illnesses, including contracting COVID-19, also do not warrant a deferral.

Racers who have priority registration and are unable to run the Mount Marathon Race — due to pregnancy or childbirth—may request a race deferral in order to retain their Priority Registration status for the next year. This deferral is not available to the partner of someone who is pregnant.