Deferral Request

The deferral request period for the 2023 race closed July 31, 2023.

Registered racers that have not attained Priority 10-Year Status and are unable to run the Mount Marathon Race — due to medical reasons, military service, or other unique circumstances —must request a race deferral in order to potentially retain their Priority Registration status for the next year.

Deferral requests are a two-step process.

  • You must register for the race between March 1–31 of the race year (including paying the full registration fee).
  • You must submit a Deferral Request Form by July 31 of the race year for deferral consideration. The form for deferral requests will be posted at the bottom of this page during that period.

There is no guarantee that deferral requests will be approved. Those who request deferrals will be notified of the officials’ decision via email by August 15 of the race year.
Approved deferrals will register the following year from March 1-31 using the normal registration process (they must still pay the entry fee for the following year).


  • Requests must be submitted to the race director by July 31 of the race year using the online Deferral Request Form.
  • Requests for medical deferral will generally be honored, but must include a medical provider’s statement verifying an individual’s inability to run the race. A medical deferral request two years in a row may be denied in the second year.
  • Starting but not finishing a race due to sickness or injury does not warrant a deferral. Those runners should enter the lottery the following year in an attempt to regain entry.
  • Requests for military deferral (typically due to deployment of the person requesting a deferral) may be honored, but must include a verifying statement from official military personnel.
  • Deferral requests for unique circumstances (non-medical) will be considered, but may not be granted. Work or other schedule conflicts do not generally warrant a deferral.