One-Time Earned Race Spot

There are two ways to earn a One-Time Earned Race Spot. You can either win one of the Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix races or finish in the top 10 of the previous year’s Mount Marathon Race. Racers who earn a spot still pay the full entry fee.

Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix Race Winners

The Mount Marathon Race is part of the Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix series. Adult winners of the following Grand Prix races may apply for a one-time invitation to the Mount Marathon Race.

  • Crazy Lazy
  • Kal’s Knoya Ridge Run (The Full Monty or longest race run)
  • Government Peak Climb (The Up-and-Down race)
  • Juneau Ridge Race
  • Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb (Bird Ridge)
  • Matanuska Peak Challenge
  • Cirque Series Alyeska (Pro Division)

The current race year’s adult male and female winners of Crazy Lazy, Kal’s Knoya Ridge Run, Government Peak Climb, Juneau Ridge Race, and Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb (Bird Ridge) may request an invitation for either the current year or the following year.
Winners of these races, which occur in May and June outside the Mount Marathon registration period, must email for registration instructions if they wish to race in the current year.

Winners of the Matanuska Peak Challenge and Cirque Series Alyeska, both of which occur after July 4, can apply for an invitation to the following year’s Mount Marathon Race.

Visit the Alaska Mountain Runners calendar for more information about these events.

Top-10 Finishers

If a petitioner or Earned Race Spot winner places in the top 10 at Mount Marathon, they earn another one-year invite to the next Mount Marathon Race (they still must also apply to the lottery and fill out the One-Time Earned Race Spot Form).

Application Instructions

During the race registration period, a Grand Prix race winner or a Top-10 finisher must:

  1. Apply as a lottery applicant ($20) for the Mount Marathon Race.
  2. ALSO fill out the online One-Time Earned Race Spot Form (at the bottom of this page) during the registration period.
  3. Promptly follow up if you do not receive notice of receipt for your online form.
  4. If you win the lottery, you become a priority racer and will be invoiced $65 to bring you up to the full registration fee. If you lose the lottery, you remain a one-time Earned Race Spot winner and will be invoiced $65 to bring you up to the full registration fee. You won’t become an official registrant until you pay this invoice.
  5. For Grand Prix races that occur outside the registration period, email the Race Director for registration instructions.
  6. Earned Entry winners are encouraged, but not required, to select a volunteer opportunity on our SignUp Genius list or have a friend or family member volunteer in their place.

Those who request an Earned Race Spot will first be considered as a lottery applicant. If they do not gain entry through the lottery, the applicant will be entered as an Earned Race Spot runner.

Unless an Earned Race Spot runner wins the Mount Marathon Race, the runner will not gain priority status through this process and must return to the lottery pool for future Mount Marathon Races.