Waves and Seeding Processes

In 2022, organizers implemented a three-wave system for men and women. Each wave will start three minutes apart. Each wave will include about 125 entrants (but fewer actual racers due to attrition).

The primary seeding mechanism for adult racers will be the prior year’s Mount Marathon results. Those who skipped a year but finished Mount Marathon in recent years will have those results considered. First-time racers are generally seeded in Wave 3 unless they have credentials that warrant being placed in Wave 1 or Wave 2.

Wave 1 for the men and women will include the following: those among the top men and top women finishers from the last race; top junior racers aging in to the senior race; select auction winners; Grand Prix winners who gained Earned Race Spots; lottery winners with strong credentials; and petitioners with strong credentials.

2022 Wave 1 — Bibs 1-125 for men and women. Top 93 men and Top 84 women from 2021, plus other racers with strong credentials.

2022 Wave 2
— Bibs 201-330 for men and women. Generally Middle-of-the-pack racers from 2021 and 2019

2022 Wave 3
— Bibs 401-530 for men and women. Generally Back-of-the-pack racers from 2021 and 2019, and first-time racers who listed no credentials.

Juniors — Mass start for all boys and girls together
Girls — Bibs 1-135
Boys — 201-360

WAVE CHANGE REQUESTS — The deadline for wave change requests was Monday, June 6.

Online auction winners will be seeded based on their Mount Marathon and other experience.
Live auction winners and the raffle winner may choose their wave based on their anticipated finish.
Racers will have an opportunity to submit a Wave Change Request Form before the start list is finalized.