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March 01 2021 - March 15 2021


Alaska Standard Time (AST)
12:00 AM

Race Confirmation Opens


  • All racers on the 2021 roster must either 1) confirm their intention to race on July 7, 2) defer to 2022 (no reason or documentation required for approval, this year only), or 3) relinquish their spot in the 2021 race.
  • Racers on the 2021 roster who confirm to race in 2021 will NOT be charged a registration fee.
  • A link for those on the 2021 race roster to confirm, defer to 2022 or relinquish will be available here between March 1 and 15 only.
  • The 2021 race spot of any racer who fails to complete this process during the designated time period, for any reason, will be relinquished. 
  • Racers who choose to relinquish their spot in the 2021 race are subject to all existing registration rules – be sure you understand how the decision will impact you individually. The status of priority registrants who hold 10-year status, and past race winners would not be impacted.
  • Confirmations, deferrals or relinquishments made by mail, phone, email or any other communication method are not valid.
  • No men’s or women’s race lottery applications will be taken in 2021.
  • Junior race lottery applications (to fill the spots available by juniors aging into the adult races) will be taken between March 1 and 15 only.
  • The regular junior race lottery application fee, and additional payment for lottery winners, will apply. A junior race lottery application link will be provided here on March 1st.
  • One-time petitions and one-time earned petitions for a spot in the 2021 race will be accepted between March 16 and 31. A link to those petition applications will be available here on March 16.