Cutoff Time

All racers must meet the following cutoff times to earn an official race finish:

  • Adult racers must cross the Junior Race Point (1/2 way up the mountain) within one hour (60 minutes) of their start time and must complete the race within 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Junior racers who do not meet the following cutoff times will be turned around by a volunteer, have their parents contacted, and be escorted to the finish to meet their parents.
    – within 8 minutes, cross the gate by the picnic benches on Lowell Canyon Road (NOTE: for 2023, this was lowered from 10 minutes because several racers achieved the 10-minute cutoff but then did not make the Squirrels’ Inn cutoff)
    – within 30 minutes, cross through Squirrels’ Inn (the unmarked “Beeline Route” is off-limits because it bypasses Squirrels’ Inn)
  • Juniors must complete the race in 1 hour, 30 minutes for an Official Finish.

Any racer who continues on the race course after missing a cutoff time on the mountain may be disqualified from entering future Mount Marathon races.