Registrants with Priority Registration Status can select not to race in the current year’s race and maintain their priority status for the following year’s race by registering as a Skip-a-Year. Each racer can opt to Skip-a-Year only once in their racing lifetime.

  • Priority registrant must select the Skip-a-Year option during online registration from March 1-31. Skip-a-Year is not available after registration closes.
  • Skip-a-Year registrants must pay a $35 administration fee.

The Skip-a-Year registration will be FINAL for that year once registration closes.

Retracting a Skip-a-Year Registration

Skip-a-Year registrants may retract their Skip-a-Year option at any time during the current registration period by resubmitting their registration and deselecting the Skip-a-Year option.

The Skip-a-Year decision cannot be retracted and will be FINAL for that year once registration closes.

Any Skip-a-Year registrant who retracts their Skip-a-Year option is solely responsible to contact [email protected] to PAY THE ADDITIONAL AMOUNT DUE FOR PRIORITY RACER STATUS. Failure to pay the additional fee by close of registration will nullify the retraction.

Skip-a-Year racers are recognized as a priority registrant the following year using the normal registration process, which includes paying the full registration fee.