Champions, Records & Awards

Meet Fred Moore

Fred Moore, long-time Seward resident, completed his first Mount Marathon Race in 1970, and he has finished every race since. On the completion of the 2019 race, at the age of 79, Fred Moore and the residents of Seward celebrated his 50th consecutive race. Fred’s achievement was deservedly featured by nearly every Alaska news channel and publication leading up to and after that milestone race.

As of 2o19, there are 2 men who have completed 40 or more races and 3 women who have completed 30 or more races. In 1988, Ed Schuster was the first man to reach the 20 year milestone. Patti Foldager and Ellyn Brown were the first women to reach the 20 year mark in 2002.

Champions, Record Holders & Awards

* As of completion of the 2019 race.