2022 Racer Email #2 — First-time Racers/ Safety Tours

Hello, first-time racers! (or parents of rookies)

This year Mount Marathon has a record number of about 250 first-time racers. We welcome you and wish you a fun and safe event! Mount Marathon can be a dangerous race so we have implemented several measures to help prepare first-time racers.

First-time racers:

  • must complete the FULL race course in training — no exceptions.
  • must sign a statement (or their parent if a junior racer) on July 3 that they have completed the entire course in training (the safety tour is not sufficient)
  • must attend the Safety Meeting (with their parent if a junior racer) at 6:45 p.m. July 3 in the Seward High School auditorium. Preview the excellent 2022 Safety video by Max Romey Productions HERE: https://vimeo.com/716522212/43c729d8a6 . The safety meeting also includes a presentation.
  • may pick up their bib at the conclusion of the safety meeting as long as they have met these requirements.

The more you know about the course, the better prepared you will be on race day. Check out our detailed map and short videos about various sections of the course here: https://mountmarathon.com/for-racer/course/

Our SAFETY TOURS at 12 p.m. Saturday, June 18 and June 25, 2022 are led by experienced Mount Marathon racers and cover the lower third of the mountain. This does not meet the requirement of completing the full race course.