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Online Auction April 29 at 5:30 p.m.!

Online Auction For 2024

For the women’s and men’s races, additional race spots are offered through an online auction on Monday, April 29.
There is no auction for the juniors race.

The Online Auction Process

On May 1, three race slots will be auctioned for both the men’s and women’s races in a live online auction on Zoom. These are intended to give an opportunity for Alaskans or out-of-staters who require more planning than the July 3 auction to lock in a spot more than two months before race day.

2024 Details

When: 5:30 p.m. Alaska Time on Monday, April 29
Number of available spots: 3 men’s priority spots and 3 women’s priority spots
Minimum bid: $200 for men and $200 for women
Minimum bid increments: $50
Zoom Link: TBD (will be posted HERE)

Auction rules and instructions:

  • Each participant must be set up to join a Zoom meeting (those lacking the technology or knowledge should join a friend’s or family member’s account).
  • Participants are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to join on a desktop computer or laptop with an Internet plan as opposed to a mobile phone that uses a data plan. The auction is much better viewed on a computer. Also, being perfectly synched with the auctioneer’s voice for bidding purposes is more likely achieved on a computer.
  • The Zoom site will open at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 29 (30 minutes before the auction starts) to allow participants time for testing their technology. The actual auction will start at 5:30 p.m. SHARP.
  • The Seward Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for anyone whose bids fail to come through promptly due to connectivity issues or other technological problems.
  • Use Gallery view; this will enable participants to see the auctioneer and other contestants.
  • Participants will be muted by the auctioneer.
  • All bidding must be done through the chat function (test the chat when you join by posting your name and location)
  • Each WINNING bidder must text their name and phone number to 907-529-4178. Organizers will follow up shortly after the auction ends for credit card payment in full.
  • Auctions winners who have never entered the lottery will receive a registration link to get them added to the MMR database and entered for 2024.
  • Auction winners will be “priority” entrants in 2024, meaning they can requalify through the Top 50 Percent in Age Group Rule.
  • The race director will determine auction winners’ bib and wave assignments based on their credentials.
  • Those who fail to win an online auction spot have another chance for entry at the in-person auction at 6 p.m. July 3 at Seward High School. 7 men’s and 7 women’s spots will be auctioned then.

Non-Binary Division Added to Mount Marathon Race

March 15, 2024

The Mount Marathon Race has added a non-binary division, joining a growing number of events nationwide that include an option for those who identify with a gender beyond the binary categories of male and female.

The non-binary option was added to registration on March 15.

“The Mount Marathon Race has a long history addressing inequities among women, girls, older racers and other groups,” race director Matias Saari said. “But this is the first time we’ve created a policy that benefits the LGBTQ+ community. Runners who identify as non-binary deserve to be recognized and have a welcoming space for participation.”

Anyone who completes priority registration or a lottery application through March 31, 2024, will now have the option to select non-binary. Those who have already registered may switch to non-binary by emailing

The non-binary division will have its own results and non-binary participants will receive the same overall and age-group awards as participants in the men’s, women’s, boys’ and girls’ divisions.

Because the event has separate gendered races, adult non-binary entrants will need to choose to participate in the men’s or women race and will be placed in a start wave that corresponds with their ability.

Non-binary juniors will simply join the juniors’ race because boys and girls run together in a single wave.

Zoe Dohring, 34, of Anchorage plans to enter the Mount Marathon lottery and hopes to participate as a non-binary entrant in 2024.

“I’ve dreamed of running in Mount Marathon for all the 10 years that I’ve lived in Alaska, but I’ve chosen to not join the lottery in recent years, knowing that I no longer fit in the category devoted to my sex assigned at birth,” Dohring said.

Dohring was the first participant in the non-binary division when Anchorage’s Mayor’s Marathon added that option in 2022, but their options as a non-binary racer in Alaska have been extremely limited.

“The point was never to win (at Mayors),” said Dohring, who teaches gender studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage and has long advocated for greater safety and acceptance of transgender people in Alaska. “I wanted to be seen. I wanted to belong, to feel accepted. I wanted to know I was just as worthy of being in community as anybody else, and that is still my desire.”

The new Non-binary Runner Policy was recently approved by both the Mount Marathon Race Committee and the Seward Chamber Board of Directors.

According to the Non-Binary Racing Database, more than 300 events in the United States now allow non-binary registration. Some of the world’s biggest events, such as the Chicago, New York, Boston, London and Berlin Marathons, have growing non-binary divisions. For instance, the Chicago Marathon had 70 non-binary entrants when it first offered the option in 2022 and the number rose to 242 a year later.

To view the full Non-Binary Policy, visit

The race committee welcomes constructive feedback; comments may be sent to race director Matias Saari at and/or race committee member Amy Haddow at


2024 Logo Contest Open March 13-April 2!

of Commerce

Mount Marathon Race 2024 Logo Contest

In addition to their logo being used for all MMR 2024 promotional purposes, the winning designer will receive a $250 cash prize!

How to Enter the Contest

  • Contest opens March 13, 2024
  • Deadline for submissions is 11:59 P.M on Tuesday, April 2, 2024
  • Winners will be announced in early-April via email,, and the Seward Chamber of Commerce’s social media channels

For your entry to be reviewed by our selection committee, it must be:

  • Submitted directly to
  • Submitted in its original source file (a scalable, vector format such as .ai or .eps).
  • Submitted as a high resolution .pdf with 300 dpi or higher.

Logo Requirements

  • Theme: To best convey the unique nature of the Mount Marathon Race, the logo design must include a mountain theme.
  • Language: The design MUST include the following words or phrases:
    • Mount Marathon Race
    • 96th Running
    • Seward, Alaska
    • July 4, July 4th, or Fourth of July AND the year 2024
  • Color: The design may include a maximum of four colors. There are no limitations on the specific colors. The logo must look professional in color and black and white.
  • Integrity: Logos cannot contain copyrighted material. Logos must have been created and edited by the contestant(s). Logos may not include images or licensed images that have been previously published. Must be easily reproducible and scalable for large and small formatting.
  • Previous Winners:

Contest Details

  • One winning logo design will be selected by the Mount Marathon Race Committee.
  • Contestants agree that the Seward Chamber of Commerce may publish their logo and name(s) and may use both for future advertising campaigns and/or marketing materials.
  • Contestants may only submit one logo per contest but are free to apply again in the future.
  • Contestants assign all ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights to the logo, to the Mount Marathon Race and Seward Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Mount Marathon Race Committee and Seward Chamber of Commerce may alter, modify or revise the winning logo as necessary for its intended use.
  • The Mount Marathon Race Committee reserves the right to not select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.


  •  The winning designer will receive $250 and bragging rights!

2024 Registration Open March 1-31

Registration for the 96th Mount Marathon Race will open at 7 a.m. Friday, March 1 and runs through midnight on Sunday, March 31!

There are two options for registration at the home page of this website: Priority Registration (big red button!) for those who qualify and Lottery Registration (big black button!) for first-timers and those without priority.

The cost to enter under priority registration remains $85 for adults and $35 for juniors.
The cost to enter the lottery remains $20 for adults and $15 for juniors (lottery winners will be invoiced the balance of the full registration fee in April).

The 2024 roster will apply the Top 50 Percent in Age Group Rule to the 2023 results. This rule aims to improve lottery odds and increase the number of lottery spots available.
Visit the race’s home page to access color-coded 2023 age-group results that show who finished in the top 50 percent of their age group.

Those who chose to defer in 2023 must still register and pay the entry fee to become a 2024 entrant.

Visit for all entry options and rules.

The defending champions are Christy Marvin (women); David Norris (men); Coby Marvin (boys) and Tania Boonstra (girls).

The race date is Thursday, July 4.

Rule Changes for 2024 — Junior age minimum, Deferrals, Skip-A-Year

The Mount Marathon Race Committee has approved the following rule changes for 2024:

MINIMUM AGE FOR JUNIORS — The minimum age to participate has been increased to 9 years old (the previous minimum was 7).
In 2023, no 7-year-olds participated and the 8-year-old racers are now 9, so no juniors who raced in 2023 will be displaced due to this change.

DEFERRALS ELIMINATED — The general race deferral option has been eliminated starting in 2024.
Unlike most trail and mountain races, through 2023 the Mount Marathon Race had a very generous deferral system (unfortunately, some were not redeemed the following year). Because so many spots were being held to the following year, fewer lottery opportunities were available for new racers.
Injuries were the most common reason for deferral. The committee believes injuries are a part of training and racing, and no longer warrant a deferral.
Approved deferrals from 2023 are still valid; those who deferred must still register and pay to become an entrant in 2024.

ADDITION OF PREGNANCY ENTRY DEFERRAL — The only deferral now possible is for women due to pregnancy. Women can fill out a Pregnancy Deferral Form on the website from March 1-July 31 HERE

SKIP-A-YEAR TIMELINE — The Skip-A-Year rule timeline has been amended to March 1-July 3. (Previously the timeline was March 1-31). What this means it that every racer who has not yet redeemed their one-time Skip-A-Year — which holds their priority spot to the following year — can do so beyond the registration period but not after July 3. No reason or documentation is required for Skip-A-Year. However, once redeemed the racer is never eligible for another.
Those who select Skip-A-Year will do so by filling out a form on the race website instead of checking a box during registration.

Racer Email #2 – Schedules/Conditions/To the Top Contest

Mount Marathon racers — the 95th running is just 3 days away!

Please read the following important announcements.

  • SCHEDULE ON JULY 3 at Seward High School
    Bib pickup 5-8 p.m. – Juniors must be accompanied by parent
    Pasta Feed 5-8 p.m. – Fuel up for the big day!
    Auction & Raffle 6 p.m. – Watch the bidding war with prices up to $4,500!
    Safety meeting 6:45 p.m – First-timers must sign off that they’ve completed the full course in training (Parents must sign for juniors)
    Juniors 9 a.m.
    Women 11 a.m.
    Mini Mount Marathon 11:08 a.m.
    Parade 1 p.m.
    Men 2 p.m.
    Awards Ceremony (AVTEC) 6 p.m.
  • VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT –  it’s not too late for you or your support team to volunteer for spots in town and on the mountain!  You can sign up at bib pickup or HERE
  • COURSE CONDITIONS –  It’s been a soggy few weeks and if that trend continues the lower half of the course could be quite slick. Pick your routes carefully. The race will be held rain or shine, but race organizers reserve the right to make course adjustments as needed.
  • TO THE TOP CONTEST –  Guess the times for the fastest man and woman to Race Point (top of the climb) and win cash! Tickets are $5 HERE or at bib pickup.

Stay tuned for a final race message on July 3 and good luck dialing in your preparations!

The Mount Marathon Race Committee &
Matias Saari, Race Director

-Featured image by Mick Dees