Mount Marathon News

Deadline extension!

The deadline for racers on the 2021 Roster to confirm their participation has been extended to March 31st!

If YOU still haven’t received a Confirmation Instructions email …

  1. If you know your Racer ID, you can confirm here.
  2. If you don’t know your Racer ID, please email [email protected] with your full name, as listed on the Roster, and your Date of Birth.

It is essential that we are able to contact you with additional important race information, as we get closer to the scheduled July 7 race date! Thank you.

Junior Race Lottery deadline extended!

The deadline to submit a 2021 Junior race lottery application has been extended to March 31st as well.

One-Time Race Spot Petition period is open!

10 year status racers not on the 2021 roster that wish to race in 2021, please use the petition form to request a race spot on or before March 31st.

Mount Marathon Race
2021 Registration Team

Did you confirm the kids?

2021 Race Roster Confirmations – Juniors

Check the email account you used to register your child for the 2020  race, for instructions on how to confirm or defer their participation in the 2021 race! Confirmation deadline is March 15.

2021 Junior Lottery Applications

Due to the number of Juniors on the roster who aged into the adult races last year, there are spots open on the roster for Juniors in 2021!

If one or more of your children didn’t get into the race through the lottery process in 2020,  you can still apply for a 2021 limited Junior race lottery through March 15.

The 2019 wildfire smoke cancellation of the Junior race, and then the COVID-19 pandemic the next year, has been rough – don’t miss this opportunity!


2021 Confirmations

If you’re on the 2021 Race Roster and have NOT confirmed, because you have NOT received the Confirmation Instructions email, read on:

ALL Racers on the 2021 Roster were email instructions on February 28 at the email address they used fo register in 2020.

ALL Racers on the Roster who had NOT CONFIRMED by March 5, 2021 at 12:00 noon, were sent a second Instruction email on March 7.

If YOU still haven’t received a Confirmation Instructions email …

  1. Check your Spam Folder.
  2. If one or both emails are not in your Spam Folder, you must list [email protected] as a Safe Sender with your email app or email provider, to make sure you get future emails about the race.
  3. If you no longer have access to the email account you registered with in 2020, email [email protected] with your full name, as it is listed on the Roster, and your Date of Birth, along with a new email address for race comunications. Add us to the Safe Sender list for that email!
  4. If you’re using a corporate, work email address – which have much higher security settings –  please email [email protected] with your full name, exactly as it is listed on the Roster, and your Date of Birth, along with a different email address. We will update your registration information.
  5. Confirmation instructions will be sent out a third time, to all Racers on the 2021 Roster who have NOT yet confirmed, by March 13th.

It is essential that we are able to contact you with additional important race information, as we get closer to the scheduled July 7 race date! Thank you.

Mount Marathon Race
2021 Registration Team

On the Roster for 2021?

Did you notice that the race now has a brand new website address? Everything Mount Marathon can now be found at

New email address

For fifteen years, racers have used one email address for all their race questions, and that email has now changed. Please direct all race questions and registration inquiries to:

[email protected]

Make sure you get race updates by email

  • Check your Spam folder often
  • Add [email protected] to your Address Book
  • Add to your Safe Senders List (also called Whitelist, Rules, and Filters)
  • Click the email link above now, and send us an empty email, so your mail server and software know you WANT to hear from us

Don’t use your work email for race news

Corporate, education and government email servers have much higher security relating to Spam, and can block or reject email from a mailing list like the Mount Marathon Race’s news.

Stay in the know

It’s more important now, than ever, that racers on the 2021 roster stay up to date on registration and rule changes and Covid-19 mitigation plans. We appreciate your help ensuring you get all the information you need!

2021 Registration Changes

Due to the 2020 race not being held as a result of COVID-19, the following changes for 2021 registration have been implemented by the race committee, outlined below.

Also, please be sure to review again, the 2020 Rule Changes announced last year! 

Registration Changes for 2021

Info for Priority status registrants

Info for those listed on the 2021 Race Roster

  • All racers on the 2021 roster must either 1) confirm their intention to race on July 7, 2) defer to 2022 (no reason or documentation required for approval, this year only), or 3) relinquish their spot in the 2021 race.
  • Racers on the 2021 roster who confirm to race in 2021 will NOT be charged a registration fee.
  • A link for those on the 2021 race roster to confirm, defer to 2022 or relinquish will be delivered by email, to the address used for 2020 registration on February 28, 2021 at 8:00 pm. Please check your email, and your Spam folder.
  • The 2021 race spot of any racer who fails to complete this process during the designated time period, for any reason, will be relinquished. 
  • Racers who choose to relinquish their spot in the 2021 race are subject to all existing registration rules – be sure you understand how the decision will impact you individually. The status of priority registrants who hold 10-year status, and past race winners would not be impacted.
  • Confirmations, deferrals or relinquishments made by mail, phone, email or any other communication method are not valid.
  • Juniors who have aged in to the 2021 men’s or women’s races are required to pay the $50 difference between the junior and adult fees (watch your email for an invoice from Mount Marathon Race)

Info for adult race Lottery applicants

Info for junior race Lottery applicants

  • Junior race lottery applications (to fill the spots available by juniors aging into the adult races) will be taken between March 1 and 15 only.
  • The regular junior race lottery application fee, and additional payment for lottery winners, will apply.

Info for one-time spot petitioners

Mount Marathon Race moved to July 7

The 93rd Mount Marathon Race has been rescheduled to Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

Citing safety concerns and the challenge of mitigating risk among spectators and participants during a pandemic, the Mount Marathon Race Committee voted to shift the race from the 4th of July holiday weekend to the middle of the subsequent week.

“The crowds will be much smaller on a Wednesday and that is important for holding a race as popular as Mount Marathon during COVID-19,” race director Matias Saari said.

Mount Marathon is traditionally held on the 4th of July and draws about 900 racers and many thousands of spectators. Like most large events in 2020, the race was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, its first cancellation since 1942.

This year’s date change is not unprecedented: in 1927 the race was moved to Sunday, July 2 at the request of visitors who wanted to watch but couldn’t stay beyond the weekend.

The race committee’s decision means that planning for the 93rd running will continue, but it does not guarantee the race will actually be held. A final decision on the race status will be announced by June 4 after careful consideration of the pandemic’s situation and review of local, state and national health mandates and recommendations.

The race plan will include extensive COVID-19 mitigation.

“Our mission is to make the event as safe as possible for racers, volunteers, officials, sponsors, spectators and the residents of Seward,” race director Matias Saari said.

On Feb. 5, the race committee made several other impactful decisions:

  • Between March 1-15, those on the 2020 roster must reconfirm their intent to participate in 2021, defer to 2022 or decline their spot.
  • For adults seeking entry in 2021, men’s and women’s lotteries will NOT be held. Few spots were expected to be available and the committee cited the need to simplify the race plan for 2021. Lottery odds are expected to improve due to extra spots in 2022.
  • For youth seeking entry in 2021, a junior race lottery will be held with applications accepted from March 1-15. Forty-four juniors are aging in to the adult races in 2021, making those spots available in a junior lottery.
  • Petitions for a one-year entry in 2021 will be accepted from March 16-31.
  • An online auction is planned for June (dates to be determined) for 10 men’s and 10 women’s spots. No in-person auction the night before the race will be conducted.
  • The updated 2021 roster will be announced in mid-April.
Christy Marvin descends in 2019. Photo by Joel Krahn

The oldest mountain race in the U.S. has been called the “toughest 5K on the planet” by Outside magazine. It goes steeply up 3,000 feet on Mount Marathon and plummets back to downtown Seward, encountering many obstacles and dangers along the way.

The current women’s roster includes past champions Christy Marvin, Hannah LaFleur, and Olympian Jessica Yeaton along with several accomplished mountain runners from the Lower 48 and Canada.

The men’s roster includes 2019 champion Max King from Oregon, race record holder David Norris of Anchorage, 2017 champion and Olympic skier Scott Patterson, professional runner Zach Miller from Pennsylvania, Iditarod dog mushing legend Dallas Seavey and Seward’s Fred Moore, 81, who returns for his 51st consecutive race.

The Mount Marathon Race is owned by the Seward Chamber of Commerce and organized by the Mount Marathon Race Committee.

For more information, visit