Rule Changes for 2024 — Junior age minimum, Deferrals, Skip-A-Year

The Mount Marathon Race Committee has approved the following rule changes for 2024:

MINIMUM AGE FOR JUNIORS — The minimum age to participate has been increased to 9 years old (the previous minimum was 7).
In 2023, no 7-year-olds participated and the 8-year-old racers are now 9, so no juniors who raced in 2023 will be displaced due to this change.

DEFERRALS ELIMINATED — The general race deferral option has been eliminated starting in 2024.
Unlike most trail and mountain races, through 2023 the Mount Marathon Race had a very generous deferral system (unfortunately, some were not redeemed the following year). Because so many spots were being held to the following year, fewer lottery opportunities were available for new racers.
Injuries were the most common reason for deferral. The committee believes injuries are a part of training and racing, and no longer warrant a deferral.
Approved deferrals from 2023 are still valid; those who deferred must still register and pay to become an entrant in 2024.

ADDITION OF PREGNANCY ENTRY DEFERRAL — The only deferral now possible is for women due to pregnancy. Women can fill out a Pregnancy Deferral Form on the website from March 1-July 31 HERE

SKIP-A-YEAR TIMELINE — The Skip-A-Year rule timeline has been amended to March 1-July 3. (Previously the timeline was March 1-31). What this means it that every racer who has not yet redeemed their one-time Skip-A-Year — which holds their priority spot to the following year — can do so beyond the registration period but not after July 3. No reason or documentation is required for Skip-A-Year. However, once redeemed the racer is never eligible for another.
Those who select Skip-A-Year will do so by filling out a form on the race website instead of checking a box during registration.