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2024 Racers Email #2 – Course Info/Safety Tours/Volunteer/Not Racing/Livestream/Pasta Feed

Mount Marathon racers — the 96th running is just 13 days away!

Please read the following important ANNOUNCEMENTS:

1) MMR hosted a successful SAFETY TOUR on June 15. Another is scheduled for Saturday, June 22 at 12 p.m.! This is a great way to learn how to negotiate the lower third of the mountain. Details here:
Also, Timberline Training — led by Taylor Turney, the first person to run the MMR downhill in under 10 minutes, and Kristyn Turney — is leading a tour of the entire mountain at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 29. Meet at the gate at the base of the mountain. Facebook Event info HERE. This tour is independent of MMR.

2) Remember, FIRST-TIME RACERS must complete the ENTIRE course in training before bib pickup and sign a statement on July 3 that they have done so (the June 29 tour from Timberline Training fulfills this requirement; the June 22 MMR tour does NOT).

3) COURSE INFO: The mountain is constantly changing; currently there is small snowfield off the top and a tricky snowpatch leading to the Gut (creek). Look for 6 new signs that will help orient you to the various routes and their difficulty. There’s also a detailed signboard at the base of the mountain. Do your homework in person and by watching these short VIDEOS from the mountain.

4) PLANS CHANGE or INJURED? If you are registered but not participating, please NOTIFY us as soon as possible because it helps with our planning. You may also qualify for Skip-A-Year: details HERE

5) There are still VOLUNTEER spots in town and on the mountain! Please consider volunteering or having someone in your support crew do so. Sign up here:

6) We will again have a LIVESTREAM BROADCAST of the women’s and men’s races on YouTube Live. Plus we’ll be running a separate Finish Cam for all 3 races! Links will be posted on our website’s Livestream page HERE and on social media. Spread the word and check out our YouTube Channel HERE and Facebook page HERE

7) The PASTA FEED is returning to bib pickup on July 3. Proceeds benefit the Seward High School Athletic Booster Club. Details here:

Stay tuned for upcoming messages and best wishes for your training!
The Mount Marathon Race Committee &
Matias Saari, Race Director

2024 First-timer Email #1 — Important Info!

Mount Marathon First-time Racers (and junior parents) — please read this important information!

  • COURSE RECON REQUIREMENT — The race is in 27 days! Just a reminder that first-timers must complete the ENTIRE course in training — and sign a statement at bib pickup that they have done so — before they can collect their bib on July 3. If the first-timer is a junior, a parent or guardian must sign the statement.
  • COURSE KNOWLEDGE: We have a large group of about 320 rookies this year! Get prepared in person and by watching these short VIDEOS from the mountain and this excellent SAFETY VIDEO. Become familiar with the multiple route options onto and off the mountain.
  • SAFETY TOURS Saturdays JUNE 15 and JUNE 22 — Safety tours led by experienced Mount Marathon racers are a great way for beginners to get tips on navigating up and down the lower third of the mountain. Meet near the gate on Upper Lowell Canyon Road at 11:45 a.m. More info here:
  • COURSE CONDITIONS – It is wise to practice the mountain whether it’s sunny or raining, dry or slippery! Currently the up route is in good shape all the way to the summit; the down trail through snow is being traveled as well. Who knows if any snow will remain on race day! The trail through the Gut (creek) requires care as always. Note that conditions can change daily or even hourly: it might be raining the night of July 3 and the course could dry out by July 4, or vice-versa. The race will still be held rain or shine!
  • SAFETY MEETING FOR FIRST-TIMERS — All first-timers must attend the safety meeting at 6:45 p.m. July 3 at the Seward High School gymnasium. First-time juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • NOT A ROOKIE?: A rookie is someone who has not officially finished a Mount Marathon race in the allotted time. If you received this message but believe you are not a first-time racer, please email to be classified correctly.

Stay tuned for upcoming messages and best wishes for your preparations!
The Mount Marathon Race Committee &
Matias Saari, Race Director


2024 Safety Tours June 15 and June 22!

WHAT: Safety tours led by veteran Mount Marathon runners
WHEN: Saturday June 15  AND June 22 from 11:45 a.m. -1:45 p.m.
WHERE: Meet at the picnic table near the gate on upper Lowell Canyon Road no later than 11:45 a.m. The Tour starts at 12 p.m.
WHY: The tour will focus on helping participants travel safely up and down the bottom third of Mount Marathon. The cliff and roots routes, along with the creek (also known as The Gut) and a portion of scree running will be covered. Participants will be divided into small groups. Each group will hike at the pace of the slowest participant.
NOTE: this tour does NOT fulfill the first-timer requirement of completing the entire course before race day.
WHO: Anyone is welcome, but first-timers at the 2024 race or future newcomers would benefit most.
HOW MUCH: Free! No pre-registration required. Participants must sign waiver. Junior participants must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.
WHAT TO BRING: Suitable trail shoes, water, gloves
INFO: Contact Matias Saari at

NOTE: To add the Safety Tours to your Google Calendar, visit our website’s “Schedule of Events”

***VOLUNTEER TOUR LEADERS NEEDED: If you have run at least five Mount Marathon Races and believe you would be a good tour leader, please sign up here (3 leaders available for each session):

Volunteer Signup has Opened!

Volunteer positions for the Mount Marathon Race are now posted at SignUp Genius; thank you in advance for helping us put on a great race!
For more information about volunteering, visit:
To go directly to the Signup Genius listings, visit:
More than 300 volunteers are needed in a wide variety of positions July 3-4 in town and on the mountain — thank you for your support!
Volunteers get our gratitude and a t-shirt with the 2024 logo design. Volunteering is also a great way for supporters (and racers) to contribute to the event. Please help spread the word!

Mount Marathon Launches New Permanent Logo

The Mount Marathon Race now has a permanent logo created by Moose Pass native Sarah Glaser.

The core logo is red, white and blue and shows the letter M in the shape of two mountain summits. It includes an outline of the race trail and a tsunami wave as a nod to Seward’s maritime location. The logo package includes multiple iterations of the words Mount Marathon combined with the logo.

“With this logo, we wanted to create a modern, enduring symbol of the rugged, exciting nature of the race — while celebrating Mount Marathon’s amazing geography,” Glaser said.

The logo will be used for merchandise, signage, promotion, a new start banner, and a myriad of other purposes.

Glaser grew up in Moose Pass just outside of Seward and first participated in the Mount Marathon Race at age 14. She’s completed 10 adult races with a best of 11th place in 2014.

“I love that the event is an excellent motivation to climb mountains and celebrate running,” Glaser said.

Through her business, Sarah K. Glaser Illustration, she has created various logos, maps, book illustrations, murals and more. Other examples of her work can be viewed at

The Mount Marathon permanent logo will NOT replace the annual t-shirt design contest. That contest will continue each March/April and be used for each year’s racer and volunteer t-shirts and patches.

Tommy Snyder wins 2024 Mount Marathon T-shirt design contest!


Tommy Snyder of Seward is the winner of the 2024 Mount Marathon t-shirt design contest.

Snyder’s entry, an acryllic painting, depicts a silhouetted mountain goat atop a peak and four racers hiking a steep slope. A blazing orange sun forms the background. The Mount Marathon Race Committee chose it as their favorite among 32 entries.

Snyder happened to notice a posting about the t-shirt design contest while registering for the 2024 race.

“I’ve done a little bit of acrylic painting over the years and had recently picked up supplies to get back into it, so I thought the t-shirt contest was a great way to start painting again,” Snyder said. “I’ve typically created silhouette style with animals because I love sunrises and sunsets and critters, especially mountain goats.”

The design will be used on the 2024 racer and volunteer t-shirts, on this year’s patch and for other promotional purposes.

Snyder has lived in Seward full-time for three years and seasonally for 10 years. He came to Seward to work in charter fishing and is now a sightseeing tour captain. This year will mark his second time participating in Mount Marathon.

“I’ve been told a mountain goat is my spirit animal. And I see them often around Seward,” Snyder said.