2021 Racer Email #5: COVID Isn’t Over — Mount Marathon Still Has Mitigation

Mitigations for the 2021 MMR Impact Every Racer

The pandemic situation in Alaska has improved substantially in recent months, and our race plan reflects that with loosened restrictions.
Keep in mind that some of our mitigation measures were put in place months ago and attempting to change them so close to race day was not feasible.
However, nearly half of Alaskans remain unvaccinated and we are hosting an event with 850 racers and thousands of spectators, so the Mount Marathon Race Committee feels some mitigation measures remain necessary. The MMRC appreciates your cooperation.


  • Moving the race date to Wednesday, July 7 to reduce crowds (decision made February 2021 for planning purposes)
  • Men’s and Women’s Race — Waves of about 50 runners each at two-minute intervals.
  • Juniors’ Race — Waves of 30-50 runners each at one-minute intervals (shorter duration so that the final wave can get beyond the cliffs before the fastest juniors arrive on the descent)
  • Start line — Masks are NOT required but social distancing is: 2021 will not have the sardine-style starts of years past! Each racer should be able to spread their arms out without touching the nearest person.
  • Finish LineRacers will not be permitted to linger. Catch your breath, grab a drink and orange slice and then keep moving to the end of 4th Avenue and disperse from there.
  • Finish Line Volunteers and Racers Needing Treatment there — masks will be required for these groups.
  • Outdoor Facilities — Our Race Headquarters will be at the gravel lot at the corner of 4th and Washington; it will host bib and t-shirt pickup, volunteer check-in and more.
  • Pre-race Safety Meeting and Auction — A Safety Video that must be viewed by first-time racers replaces the pre-race safety meeting. An online auction in early June replaced the pre-race auction.
  • Awards — The awards ceremony at the AVTEC Center is canceled; we plan to hold brief overall podium awards ceremonies at Race HQ and distribute age-group medals there once results are confirmed.
  • COVID-19 Symptoms — If you feel sick with any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to Seward or participate in the race. We will grant such racers a deferral to 2022 to save their spots. A key to not spreading COVID-19 in Seward is not bringing it there in the first place.


Thank you for your cooperation,
The Mount Marathon Race Committee and
Race Director Matias Saari