2023 Juniors Email #1 – Cut-offs/Bib Pickup/Recon/Safety Tours

Mount Marathon Junior racers and parents — please read this important information!

Junior racers must achieve these cutoff times or be turned around by a volunteer and escorted to the finish to meet their parents:
8 minutes to the trailhead gate by the picnic benches on Lowell Canyon Road (this was lowered in 2023 from 10 minutes by the race committee); juniors should practice the road section to learn this pace!
30 minutes to Squirrels’ Inn (all juniors must take a route that passes through there)
90 minutes to the finish to requalify for the following year.

2) SAFETY TOURS are scheduled at 12 p.m. on Saturday June 17 and June 24! They are a great way to learn the lower third of the mountain. Details here:

3) COURSE RECON REQUIREMENT FOR FIRST-TIMERS — Parents of Juniors must sign a statement on July 3 that they have completed the entire course in training (the safety tour is not sufficient)

4) SAFETY MEETING FOR FIRST-TIMERS — First-time juniors AND their parents must attend the safety meeting at 6:45 p.m. July 3 at the Seward High School gymnasium.

5) COURSE KNOWLEDGE: The more you know about the course, the better prepared you will be. Do your homework in person and by watching these short VIDEOS from the mountain and this excellent SAFETY VIDEO.

Stay tuned for upcoming messages and best wishes for your training!
The Mount Marathon Race Committee &
Matias Saari, Race Director