Mount Marathon News

Your Emergency Contact Information

Your emergency contact name and number is very important information for the Mount Marathon Race Committee.

In recent years we have found it necessary to contact an emergency contact person for racers, not only in the event of injury or distress, but for confirmation when a runner does not appear at the starting line, finish line or other checkpoints in the race.

Every Fourth of July in Seward, as we host many thousands of visitors, we find that our cell phone towers are overwhelmed and cannot handle the volume. It is difficult to place calls to or from cells phones during that day, and we find that sending a text (which is a much smaller piece of electronic information) is more likely to be received in a timely manner, while at the same time providing a record of the contact.

Therefore, emergency contact names and numbers listed on your Mount Marathon Race Application, should ideally be for people with cell phones that can receive text messages during races times!