2024 Racers Email #2 – Course Info/Safety Tours/Volunteer/Not Racing/Livestream/Pasta Feed

Mount Marathon racers — the 96th running is just 13 days away!

Please read the following important ANNOUNCEMENTS:

1) MMR hosted a successful SAFETY TOUR on June 15. Another is scheduled for Saturday, June 22 at 12 p.m.! This is a great way to learn how to negotiate the lower third of the mountain. Details here:
Also, Timberline Training — led by Taylor Turney, the first person to run the MMR downhill in under 10 minutes, and Kristyn Turney — is leading a tour of the entire mountain at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 29. Meet at the gate at the base of the mountain. Facebook Event info HERE. This tour is independent of MMR.

2) Remember, FIRST-TIME RACERS must complete the ENTIRE course in training before bib pickup and sign a statement on July 3 that they have done so (the June 29 tour from Timberline Training fulfills this requirement; the June 22 MMR tour does NOT).

3) COURSE INFO: The mountain is constantly changing; currently there is small snowfield off the top and a tricky snowpatch leading to the Gut (creek). Look for 6 new signs that will help orient you to the various routes and their difficulty. There’s also a detailed signboard at the base of the mountain. Do your homework in person and by watching these short VIDEOS from the mountain.

4) PLANS CHANGE or INJURED? If you are registered but not participating, please NOTIFY us as soon as possible because it helps with our planning. You may also qualify for Skip-A-Year: details HERE

5) There are still VOLUNTEER spots in town and on the mountain! Please consider volunteering or having someone in your support crew do so. Sign up here:

6) We will again have a LIVESTREAM BROADCAST of the women’s and men’s races on YouTube Live. Plus we’ll be running a separate Finish Cam for all 3 races! Links will be posted on our website’s Livestream page HERE and on social media. Spread the word and check out our YouTube Channel HERE and Facebook page HERE

7) The PASTA FEED is returning to bib pickup on July 3. Proceeds benefit the Seward High School Athletic Booster Club. Details here: https://mountmarathon.com/mmr-events/pre-race-pasta-feed/

Stay tuned for upcoming messages and best wishes for your training!
The Mount Marathon Race Committee &
Matias Saari, Race Director