2023 Bib Numbers and Waves Assigned!

May 20, 2023

2023 bib numbers and waves have been assigned!

To find your bib number (listed alphabetically), simply visit the following links and scroll down.

MEN — https://mountmarathon.com/?division=mens
WOMEN — https://mountmarathon.com/?division=womens
GIRLS — https://mountmarathon.com/?division=girls
BOYS — https://mountmarathon.com/?division=boys

WAVE 1 — Bibs 1-120 for men and women
WAVE 2 — Bibs 201-320 for men and women
WAVE 3 — Bibs 401-530 for men and women

JUNIORS — Boys are 1-151 and Girls are 201-350 — but there is just one mass-start wave.

For an explanation of our bib and wave assignment process, visit:

WAVE CHANGE REQUEST — If you believe you belong in a different wave, fill out the wave change request form. The deadline is May 31.