2023 Rosters

First Name Last Name Age Group Address
Ellie Abrahamson 15-17 Fairbanks, AK
Margaret Adams 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Aly Andersen 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Emily Anger 15-17 Seward, AK
Addison Bailey 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Alivia Bailey 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Brianna Bailey 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Lucy Bamford 15-17 Seward, AK
Freja Bardarson 9-11 Seward, AK
Maren Bickling 12-14 Seward, AK
Swift Blackstock 15-17 Homer, OR
Greta Bochenek 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Hannah Bodkin 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Tania Boonstra 15-17 Kenai, AK
Selah Brueckner 15-17 Seward, AK
Tirzah Brueckner 12-14 Seward, AK
Tess Budde 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Audra Burrill 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Ada Burrup 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Anna Burrup 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Riley Carter 15-17 Citra, FL
Annabelle Conant 9-11 Seward, AK
Elsie Conant 12-14 Seward, AK
Rose Conway 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Lilian Coy 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Payton Curtis 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Azalea Daugherty 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Eva Driggs 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Everly Elhard 9-11 Seward, AK
Alise Elliott 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Cora Ellsworth 12-14 Dubuque, IA
Ryleigh Ervin 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Teresa Fallon 15-17 Kenai, AK
Haley Finch 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Arielle Rae Fleming 9-11 Seward, AK
Grace Ann Fleming 15-17 Seward, AK
Evelyn Galloway 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Brianna Gill Anderson 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Sadie Haas 12-14 Seward, AK
Charly Harper 9-11 Arroyo Grande, CA
Jordan Hartman 15-17 Seward, AK
Annika Haussner 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Teigan Hegna 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Eliza Heimerl 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Sienna Himes 15-17 Chugiak, AK
Alyssa Holt 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Calliope Huett 9-11 Seward, AK
Ava Huey 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Kendall Humbert 9-11 Seward, AK
Juniper Ingalls 15-17 Seward, AK
Taylor-Jane Ingalls 9-11 Seward, AK
Aurora Johnson 12-14 Chugiak, AK
Olive Jordan 12-14 Seward, AK
Svea Kastning 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Sylvie Kastning 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Gabby Kern 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Ramona Knier 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Madeline Knolmayer 15-17 Wasilla, AK
Emersyn Knopp 12-14 Fairbanks, AK
Mackenzie Kogl 12-14 Valparaiso, IN
Ellen Kruchoski 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Kohl Lang 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Abigail Leathers 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Alta Liljemark 12-14 Seward, AK
Allison Macy 15-17 Chugiak, AK
Bernadette Maixner 9-11 Big Lake, AK
Rosemary Maixner 12-14 Big Lake, AK
Jane Malouf 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Adele Matthews 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Iris Matthews 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Brooklyn Mauger 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Madalyn Miotke 15-17 Homer, AK
Melody Mleschnitza 12-14 Wasilla, AK
Aspen Moore 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Meadow Moore 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Ava Moore-Smyth 15-17 Willow, AK
Mia Moorman 12-14 Seldovia, AK
Clara Morse 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Ava Murphy 15-17 Bird Creek, AK
Ellie Naber 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Brittan Nelson 15-17 Eagle River, AK
Payton Nelson 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Avery Newell 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Kylee Newman 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Kate Norvell 15-17 Seward, AK
Sophie Novakovich 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Lucy Olson 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Monica Owens 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Kyla Palin 12-14 Homer, AK
Taylor Pennington 9-11 Palmer, AK
June Poray 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Lily Poray 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Amara Ransom 15-17 Seward, AK
Brynn Rathert 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Greta Reese 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Eden Rinner 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Tagan Rinner 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Adeleine Robson 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Alice Robson 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Holly Rogness 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Rain Rubeo 9-11 Wasilla, AK
Teagan Rude 15-17 Glennallen, AK
Rylee Ruggles 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Emery Schofield 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Kayla Schultze 15-17 Chugiak, AK
Stella Schwartz 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Piper Sears 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Cora Seavey 9-11 Seward, AK
Emma Seavey 12-14 Seward, AK
Clara Sensabaugh 12-14 Palmer, AK
Elliot Sensabaugh 15-17 Palmer, AK
Chloe Shaha 9-11 Eagle River, AK
Claire Shaha 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Hannah Shaha 15-17 Glendale, AZ
Kathryn Shaha 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Lia Shank 15-17 Seward, AK
Winter Shaw 15-17 Palmer, AK
Natalie Sieminski 15-17 Seward, AK
Anya Simard 15-17 Fairbanks, AK
Ayla Simonson 15-17 Silver Bay, MN
Peja Skinner 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Jazz Solstice 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Wren Spangler 12-14 Palmer, AK
Tui Stanbury 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Hailee Stepetin 12-14 Eagle RIver, AK
Briony Stewart 12-14 Eagle River, AK
Ellie Stull 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Molly Sullivan 12-14 Cooper Landing, AK
Mya Taylor 15-17 Cooper Landing, AK
Natalie Taylor 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Rachel Taylor 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Olivia Thompson 15-17 Kremmling, CO
Ryah Thrall 12-14 Seward, AK
Karley Tichenor 15-17 Palmer, AK
Olivia Tidlow-Tranel 15-17 Yellowstone National Park, WY
Canyon Townsend 15-17 Chugiak, AK
Crimson Rose Townsend 12-14 Chugiak, AK
Ellie Trevithick 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Rebecca Tyler 15-17 Girdwood, AK
Annabel Uffenbeck 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Katie Van Buskirk 15-17 Seward, AK
Hana Varnell 9-11 Anchorage, AK
Nina Varnell 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Alana Varys 12-14 Wasilla, AK
Aubrey Virgin 15-17 Palmer, AK
Winter Wallace 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Kaebrii Weaver 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Maeli Weaver 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Harper Willman 15-17 Anchorage, AK
Ruby Willman 12-14 Anchorage, AK
Zoja Witczak 9-11 Palmer, AK

YELLOW – Denotes lottery winners. Winners will be invoiced the remainder of their registration fee ($65 for adults, $20 for juniors). Invoices must be paid by April 30 to secure a roster spot. See 2023 lottery odds listed below.
WHITE – Denotes Priority Status obtained through a variety of methods.
PINK — Denotes One-Time Petition (9 individuals), One-Time Earned Entry (5 individuals) or Sponsor slots (2 individuals). These entrants do not have Priority Status and are not eligible to requalify through the Top 50 Percent Age Group Rule. They also do not count against the 375-racer per adult division cap.

BIB and WAVE ASSIGNMENTS — Announced May 20, 2023. The deadline for Wave Change Requests was May 31.

Lottery odds from 2023:
WOMEN: 162/359 (44.8 percent; up from 43.8 percent in 2022)
MEN: 153/626 (24.4 percent; up from 22.8 percent in 2022)
GIRLS: 63/76  (82.9 percent; down from 100 percent in 2022) NOTE: By race committee rule, all Seward/Moose Pass girls gain entry (14/14)
BOYS: 39/95 (41 percent; down from 78.2 percent in 2022) NOTE: By race committee rule, all Seward/Moose Pass boys gain entry (14/14)

Roster and registration issues should be directed to: register@mountmarathon.com

Any Deferral requests must be submitted using the Deferral Request process between April 1 and July 31, 2023.

The Top 50 Percent of Age Group Rule will be in effect for 2023. Find out who finished in the top 50% of their age group in 2022 by viewing the PDF files linked below.

2022 Women’s Race Results

2022 Men’s Race Results